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Probably the most important part of marketing strategy today is social media marketing because a lot of people, young and old, have social media. A lot of businesses around the world are discovering that Twitter contributes to a huge part of their business success and growth. There are other businesses who hesitate when it comes to social media marketing because they are not sure if it is worth the effort. However, it is very worth the effort because there have been studies showing that 92% of the businesses that use social media marketing are successful. Here are some benefits of social media marketing. Check out the Twitter page of Olivier for more information.


1. One of the key points in businesses is knowing your customers well, and with social media this has become very simply. All the social networks will help you and your business see what your customers are talking about and what they are interested in while getting to know them better. Once you know what they are interested in or what they mostly talk about, you can then gather up all the information to better cater your customer's needs and provide them with the items they are looking for. 


2. If you use social media as a marketing strategy than you will definitely have an improved customer service. You can see the comments, questions, and concerns of your customers right away and you can also easily reply to them. Social media will make the customers happy because it is now so easy to contact businesses instead of having to wait for the customer service department to be reachable; so this will really benefit your customers as well as your business. Customer service is an important part in any business, and if you customers are satisfied in that area they might recommend your brand to other people.


3. Content marketing distribution plan is important to any business; your business will prosper more with social media because it easily distributes the content. Before, businesses face the challenge of reaching their audience with their content in the shortest possible time; now, businesses with a social media marketing strategy can now spread their contents with just a few clicks. 


There are many more benefits when using social media as a marketing strategy. Some of these other benefits enhanced SEO rankings, increasing traffic, saving money, etc. If have a business, the best strategy you can do today is use social media for more success to your business. Find out more about this at